Various Renovation Projects
Faux Finish- Community Bank
Yes! Faux stone work.
Denim finish. Bedroom.
Various painting techniques!
Concrete Stain
Railing with stainless steel
Stainless steel cable rail build
Dutch Colonial Portico Renovation
Bathroom Wall Trim
Built in Cabinets and shelves
Garage Renovation Before
Garage Renovation after.
Railing Build, Victorian Village
Glass Block and Window Wells. Also installed french drain on side of house.
Basement Pool Room w/Bar and Half Bath
Basement Living Spaces
Faux Finishing/Design Painting- Ralph Lauren Certified Faux Finishing!
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Exterior Renovation of Upper Arlington Building
Wood replacement and repair, flashing, sealing and caulking, paint and finish.
Historical yet modern in color.
Hand made brackets to match
Faux copper patina finish
Kaveman Picasso Tattoo Parlor
Removal of old porch
Tongue and Groove install. Both sides oil primed pre-install.
New support and upper roof header board, gutter and roof.
Clintonville rear deck and fence.
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Bexley Rear Yard Transformation